Forest Glen Recorder Sale

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January 23, 2019
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Dear Parents,                                                                                                      

           Our Fourth Grade students will be learning to play the recorder as part of their music classes.  Recorder lessons will be integrated into their music classes with the goals of applying their music reading and group playing skills along with developing recorder technique and preparing them for their fifth grade music classes. 

           Each student will need one recorder. Due to the wide variety of recorders that are available to purchase, students will need to either purchase one through the school or have their own recorder from home approved by the music teacher during music class. (No wooden or toy recorders will be accepted). Students will receive their recorders in February when we start the unit and they may keep their recorders at the end of the school year. 

           Additionally, students will be given occasional recorder homework, so they will be responsible for bringing their recorder to and from school each day. 

If you have any questions regarding purchasing a recorder or its use in our music classes, please contact me at 662-7953 or  Thank you for your cooperation!

Nicole Duhaime

Music Department