FG 2nd Grade Field Trip - Heritage Hill

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September 11th
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Forest Glen 2nd Grade Field Trip to Heritage Hill
8:50am - 1:15pm
Wednesday, October 2nd (Henne, Pierner)
Friday, October 4th (Hinker, Ely, Renard)

Payment Due by:  Wednesday, September 11th.

Cost $6.00

The second grade classes at Forst Glen will be taking a field trip to Heritage Hill. This field trip is an activity that will help students learn more about life long ago.

Please remember that we are outside for most of the day so children should be dressed appropriately and wear comfortable walking shoes.

A bag lunch is also necessary. You can choose to send your own bag lunch or the School Nutrition Lunch Program offers a bag lunch. The cost of the bag lunch will be processed at current year student lunch price through the student's lunch account.  You can select the option during the checkout process.

If you are interested in chaperoning, space is limited to 1 chaperone per class. Please indicate your interest in chaperoning in the appropriate field. Chaperones will be selected by random drawing on September 13th.  ALL CHAPERONES MUST BE AN APPROVED VOLUNTEER!