Bay Harbor Read Shirt 20-21

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At Bay Harbor Elementary School we have a READ initiative.  This read initiative is a HUGE part of the learning community at Bay Harbor Elementary.  Our teachers work closely with your child to help them understand the importance of reading each day. We are giving you the opportunity to purchase a READ t-shirt again this year for your child.  The cost is $10.00 each (2XL is $12.00).  

On the 20th of every month (or on the 19th if the 20th falls on Saturday, or on the 21st if the 20th falls on a Sunday), we have a school-wide "READ 20".  All students, teachers and staff come together as a community and read for 20 minutes. 

On the day of our school-wide READ, we wear our READ 20 t-shirts.


FYI:  These t-shirts tend to run small; you may want to order a larger size.



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Bay Harbor Sailors               It's a Great Day to READ!