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Dear Parents/Guardians of 3rd and 4th graders:

Our third and fourth grade students will be learning to play the recorder as part of their music classes.  We will be integrating the use of recorders through our rhythm, staff and instrument units throughout the year. Our goal is that numerous experiences integrated into their music lessons over an extended period of time will help the students develop a more complete understanding of the recorder and enhance their overall musical experience.  


Each student will need one recorder. Due to the wide variety of recorders that are available to purchase, students will need to either purchase one through the school or have their own recorder from home approved by a music teacher during music class. (No wooden or toy recorders will be accepted.) Recorders previously purchased through our school are acceptable and do not need approval. Students will receive their recorders in October when we start the unit. 

As a side note, 4TH GRADE students will be given  recorder homework throughout the year so they will need to be responsible for bringing their recorder to and from school. A limited supply of recorders will be available for purchase in case your family would like to have one kept at school at all times and one at home to practice.


If you are providing one from home, please send the recorder to school so the recorder can be approved. 

If you have any questions regarding purchasing a recorder or its use in our music classes, please contact Mrs. Holum by e-mail or at 662-8810. Thank you for your cooperation!


Lauren Holum                      

General Music Teacher