Meadowbrook Recorder Sale

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Recorder Sale - 4th Graders

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Your Fourth Grade student will be learning the recorder for our upcoming recorder unit in Music; recorders are available to purchase on E-Commerce; the link to purchase can be found below.  

If you choose to bring a recorder from home, please note that wooden and toy recorders are not acceptable. All recorders brought from home will need to be approved by their music teacher. Please bring in recorders from home prior to September 26 to be approved.  Once recorders are brought in; a note will be sent home confirming approval.

Recorder orders need to be in by Wednesday, September 26 in order to ensure that recorders will be ready to play in October. Recorders will remain in the music classroom (and not go home) from October until February when we start our at-home practicing.  


Please contact Mrs. Tomashek ( for more information.

Mrs. Tomashek
Meadowbrook Music Department