Pool - Fall Swim Lessons

Only levels Pre-1 to 4 will be offered during Fall Lessons
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Registration Tips 

**Online registration is the preferred method of registration.  There is no advantage to walk-in registration.  Walk-in registration is available during normal pool hours.  Cash and check are accepted at walk-in registration.

**You may register for as many sessions as you like starting on the first day of registration.  Please register swimmer for current level.  If swimmer passes, please email tracbard@hssd.k12.wi.us to have child’s level corrected.**
**If you need assistance determining swimmer’s level, please refer to level descriptions below or contact Tracy Barden. 
​Email: tracbard@hssd.k12.wi.us or Phone: 920-662-7874.**
**Fees –
Online payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  Check or Cash excepted in person at Howard-Suamico Community Pool.  Located at 2700 Lineville Road.  Resident: $33.75 per class. Non-resident: $41.25 per class.**

As classes fill up, they will be closed.  Register early as classes have enrollment caps and will quickly fill up.  There is no wait list for classes.**
**Location of Classes 
​All classes will be held at the Howard-Suamico Community Pool.  The pool is located at 2700 Lineville Road.  The entrance to the pool is on the north side of Lineville Intermediate School.  Parking is located off Rockwell lane on north and west side of pool facility.**

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