BH 1st GRADE TO THE WEIDNER CENTER - November 1, 2018

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Please pay by Monday, October 15th:
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Bay Harbor 1st Grade Field Trip to the Weidner Center     
Thursday, November 1, 2018      11:55 - 2:00 

****Payment Due by: Monday, October 15th

The First Grade classes at Bay Harbor will be taking a field trip to the Weidner Center to see "Dragons Love Tacos". The cost for this field trip is $11.25 per student. 

The students will be eating lunch at school right before they leave.  

If you are interested in chaperoning and currently have an approved background check on file with the district, please make sure to indicate that on the form.  Chaperones will be randomly picked by the teachers based on those expressing interest - one per classroom. The cost for chaperones is $7.00 . Due to the limited space on the buses, all chaperones will need to meet us at the Weidner Center.  

Note:  "By signing my child up for this field trip, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this field trip.  In the event of sudden illness or injury, appropriate medical care will be obtained".

"Field trips are NOT covered under the fee waiver.  If you need assistance paying your child's field trip fee, please contact the building social worker, Rachel Miller, at 662-8807". 

Thank you,

Mrs. Brellenthin, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Hawker, Mrs. Utrie