BH Kindergarten Field Trip to the Botanical Gardens - May 23, 2018

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Bay Harbor Kindergarten Field Trip Shuttles to the Botanical Gardens 
Wednesday, May 23, 2018   9:00-2:00 
  • Shuttle #1 - Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Berken's Classes 9:00-12:30
  • Shuttle #2 - Mrs. Bierowski's and Mrs. Olsen's Classes 10:30-2:00 

Cost per Student: $7.50             Payment Due by: Friday, May 4th

The Kindergarten classes at Bay Harbor will be taking a field trip to the Botanical Gardens in Green Bay They will experiencing "Discovery in the Garden" tour. It focuses on the parts of the plants and what they need to grow, explores the garden using our senses, talks about pollination, and follows our apple tree as they change during the seasons. The kids will be able to eat lunch at the garden and, of course, stop in at the Children’s Garden to try out the maze and the slide.   The cost for this field trip is $7.50 per student.   

A bag lunch is also necessary. You can choose to send your own bag lunch or purchase a bagged lunch through the Food Service School Lunch Program. The cost of the School bagged lunch will be processed that day through the student's lunch account. The bag lunch includes: crust-less sandwich, string cheese, juice cup, animal cracker pack and low-fat milk. 

If you are interested in attending this field trip to help chaperone and currently have an approved background check on file with the district, please make sure to indicate that on the form.  All chaperones will need to meet us there and pay the admission fee of $4.50 upon arrival.  

IMPORTANT:  Please make a note of the date of your child's field trip and also whether or not you need to send a bagged lunch to school that day to eliminate any confusion that morning. 

Note:  "By signing my child up for this field trip, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this field trip.  In the event of sudden illness or injury, appropriate medical care will be obtained".  

"Field Trips are NOT covered under the fee waiver.  If you need assistance paying your child's field trip fee, please contact the building social worker, Jan Raab at 662-8807". 

Thank you,

Mrs. Berken, Mrs. Bierowski, Mrs. Meyers, Mrs. Olsen